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Grow your leadership., Maximize kingdom impact. , Connect to a network., See the church thrive.

Global Leadership Network Movement

The Global Leadership Network in Southern Africa is a community of innovative churches sharing a common vision of supporting the building of biblically functioning churches globally, representing members from diverse churches, denominations, regions, cultures and ethnicities who want to learn from each other and see the Church thrive worldwide.

When Christians lead well, we can be a formidable force for good and a beacon of light that moves searching hearts to find Christ.

When you partner with us, your gift will be used to provide leaders in under-resourced regions access to the skills, inspiration and encouragement they hunger for to help them transform their churches, communities and cities.

Register online, or send us an e-mail to


Learn from speakers who teach and speak from their hearts in these concise, high-impact videos. Access the latest clips from the Global Leadership Summit, interviews with leaders from around the world, and other inspiring videos.